The broad translation of "LAUDATOR TEMPOR ACTI" being "IN PRAISE OF ANY AGE GONE BY" is more than merely our company motto: it is the heart and soul of everything we do.


The Melvill family started the company and it is still family run and owned, backed by a heritage that goes back generations.


Company Overview

The 'age gone by' in question being that grand safari era best described by Bartle Bull in Safari:

"From 1836 until 1939 unique conditions and eccentric individuals created a style of adventure that will never exist again. Abundant big game, ungoverned landscapes, suitable weapons, the thrill of the chase and danger of big game hunting, a zest of discovery and an appreciation of both hardship and luxury, all came together then on the vast plains of Africa."

Based on many of the old Safari/ military campaign designs, our eclectic range of Safari inspired products convey not

only the romance of a different era but also the passion for handmade craftsmanship and quality materials of a time when things were made to last forever.

To our own design we manufacture and market a broad range of high end safari luggage, campaign furniture, and handmade canvas & leather safari accessories. Our safari-style seat covers are made from 100% old fashioned cotton canvas. The heavy duty canvas often combined with leather, is the trademark of the company and represents the heart and soul of the safari era that the company's products depict.


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