Canvas Luggage Range
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Canvas Luggage Range

Our Iconic Classic Sand safari Luggage Range Hand made in Africa

  • SAFARI DUFFEL - SHORT (52 x 29 x 29cm)

     Of all our bags the duffels are the real pleasure on a genuine Safari. They are incredibly robust and look most at home when strapped up on a roof rack.    Please note that there is a price...
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  • THE BLADSAK (29 x 34 x 6cm)

      The term bladsak comes from the bag used to pack a Karoo farmer’s lunch and water for the day out on the lands.  Very useful in the field, on the shooting range or for carrying books....
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  • KATUNDA BAG (16 x 5 x 20cm)

    Katunda is the Swahili word for “stuff”.   Please note that there is a price difference between our canvas and leather bags. The purchase price on the leather items will show up on checkout.
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  • TIMAU TOILETRY BAG (29 x 12 x 16cm)

    This is available in Canvas with a leather trim and  a waterproofed interior. A popular item with Polo players and other people who travel.       Please note that there is a price difference...
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  • BULAWAYO BAG (68 x 29 x 35cm)

    We saw a Matabeleland farmer with this bag one day at The Bulawayo Club & he was good enough to let us copy it.       Please note that there is a price difference between our canvas and...
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  • MAN BAG (25 x 20 x 7cm)

    A number of men asked us if we could make the custom made Ornithologists Bible Bag into a multipurpose bag for everyday use and the Man Bag is the result. The canvas and leather Man Bag with chunky...
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  • TRAVEL WALLET (27 x 16 x 2.5cm)

    Something commissioned by travellers and expedition leaders alike – tuck those important travel documents and tickets in an unmistakeable place
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  • NAIROBI RACE DAY BAG (48 x 20 x 38cm)

    Nearly double the size of the half day bag, this beauty can carry as much as anyone would ever need ; a pair of polo boots, helmet and even enough kit for a weekend away.   Please note that there...
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  • SHOTGUN SLIP (135 x 25 x 5cm)

    Modelled on the classic gun slips of old, our renering is well padded, lined with pig-skin (or suede to order) has solid brass fittings and leather trim
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  • KALAHARI COOLER BAG (33 x 22 x 48cm)

    Leather and canvas on the outside, cooler lined on the inside, fashioned with extra large pockets and brass hardware.               
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  • SHOE BAG (45 x 25 x 1cm)

    Essential for packing shoes/boots into, if you’re keeping them in the same case as your clothes.
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  • BOWLING BAG (39 x 20 x 16cm)

    An elderly gentleman visited us who had been a springbok bowler in his day.  He produced a well worn bag that he had used for carrying his woods and asked us if we could repair it.   Please note...
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  • TOOLBAG (43 x 14 x 13cm)

    Our solution to the problem of stowing those bits and pieces that rattle and roll around your vehicle. 
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  • CD CASE (19 x 15 x 2cm)

    Sometimes we are guilty of covering everything in canvas.  The CD case makes for a bit of a safari feel to your gifts or presentations.
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  • ORNITHOLOGIST BIBLE BAG (25 x 20 x 7cm)

     The orthnithologists Bible Bag can be worn over the shoulder or attached to a belt.    The bag has handy pockets for the likes of a hip flask, car keys, notepad, GPS and the odd cigar. 
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  • RIFLE BAG (134 x 25 x 5cm)

    Well padded, with pigskin (or suede to order) inner patches for the more fragile areas of your rifle, like the telescopic sight.
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  • ROLL UP SHOPPING BAG (46x 65cm)

    The ' must have' Impulse bag rolled up in ones luggage for a trip abroadit takes no space whatsoever on the outward leg.               
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  • CATALINA BAG (87 x 38 x 27cm)

    Haling directly back to the days of the Empire Flying Boats (London to Cape via        Egypt and East Africa), this bag has a very distinctive look and carries with it a tremendous heritage in...
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    We think that this could be far and away one of the most useful field products we make for the wingshooter.  Three canvas bags on a thick vegetable tanned leather belt with a solid brass buckle.
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  • AFRICAN RANCH BAG (30 x 12 x 21cm)

    We were asked to produce this bag by a local cattle rancher.     His requirement was for an all purpose day bag with a wide shoulder strap that could comfortably carry the miscellaneous odds and...
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  • DAR ES SALAAM (36 x 19 x 35cm)

    An expertly lined bag made of canvas and leather with a solid brass zip and comfortable strong handles.                  Please note that there is a price difference between our canvas and...
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  • BIRD BOOK COVER (24 x 17 x 7cm)

    A Slimmer, smaller Bird book that its big brother the Ornithologists Bible Bag. 
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